Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wikileaks? Openleaks? Try Patriotleaks!

(This is a fictional article, but I welcome those who turn this fiction into reality.)

Imagine on website, it features a blatant American flag in the background, an eagle seal, and a heading that reads, "Patriot Leaks, dedicated to protect United States national interest by revealing dirty leaks about foreign government and institutions." This site will probably not be endorsed by the US government, but it will operate under the legal confines of US law.

Then imagine on website, it features a red and yellow Chinese flag in the background, the communist seal of hammer and sickle, and a heading that reads, "用爱国主义来揭发外国政府和外国组织丑恶的罪行来捍卫祖国。" (Translation: using patriotism to reveal dirty crimes of foreign governments and foreign organizations in order to protect motherland.)

Then imagine there is the Arabic counterpart, the Russian counterpart, the European counterpart, the British commonwealth counterpart. All of these leaks sites all operate under the legal confines of their own legal system, and would never leak things about their own authority in power.

But they all leak documents about each other like Wikileaks does. Furthermore, they will all mirror each other's leaks except the ones about their respective hosting country. This way, we have redundantly distributed partial mirror of all leaks in the world, but all of them legal in their own jurisdiction.

You can imagine Wikileaks in a way has become the Nordic node of the Patriotleaks network. They have support from Sweden, Belgium, and Iceland. They would not leak documents that hurt the national interest of these countries (and they have not done so as far as I can tell).

This type of leaks network will be difficult to suppress by one government alone.