Saturday, September 6, 2008

Funny how people use scripting languages...

As a reflection to Firefox TraceMonkey benchmark against Google Chrome V8, the trend that JavaScript will become a common run-time language is emerging. JavaScript is dynamically typed, and now fairly optimized in performance. More and more applications are written for the web 2.0 platform, in JavaScript and HTML.

In addition, as we hope that strongly typed systems will be adoped more for debugging aid, serious programmers will probably write applications in something like Google Web Toolkit, which is a compiler from a subset of Java—a typed language—to JavaScript. This further adds to the impression that JavaScript can be used as a common run-time object language for other source languages to compile into.

Before JavaScript, there is C, which is used by source languages like ATS, Haskell (for bootstraping), and SmallTalk (also for bootstraping). Looks like JavaScript might becoming to assume the role of C as an object language on the Web platform.

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