Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Minix3 in VMware Player

Here are a few installation tips:
  • Use easyvmx to create a virtual machine configuration.
  • It appears that 256MB of memory should be enough. This can be changed later in VMware player.
  • Network driver should be vlance (which appears as AMD Lance to Minix).
  • The installation is going to be much faster if you download the Minix ISO (IDE-3.1.2a.iso) and fix that image as the second CDROM drive in VMware player. Leave the first drive on auto detect.
  • Minix doesn't support more than 4GB hard drive space. When partitioning, I use 1024 MB for /home and the rest for /usr (which gives about 3000MB).
  • Sound driver: Ensonic ES1371.
  • Disable serial and parallel ports. On my machine I don't have access to them as a normal user.

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