Monday, May 31, 2010

GitFarm source code?

It is a popular request to GitFarm for its source code, but these requests are mostly ignored by its provider, Bo (yboycn). GitFarm allows you host a Git repository on Google AppEngine. It turns out that if you know a bit of Java, you can put together something like GitFarm over the weekend. Most of the pieces you need are already available as open source.
  • JGit, Git implemented in Java (EDL licensed).
  • GaeVFS, a filesystem for Google AppEngine using datastore and memcache API (Apache licensed).
And if you build your Git hosting on AppEngine that way, you are not compelled to publish your source code. Both EDL and Apache License are only triggered by distributing source or object code, not software as a service. You are not even compelled to reproduce a copyright notice for providing software as a service.
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